Our top-ranked relationship with Hewlett-Packard allows access to a full range of high-performance servers. Certified professionals will design a system tailored to meet the application and processing needs specific to your institution.

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Recording and Archiving

The VizVox platform provides for real-time, high-resolution video and audio recording of video visitations, arraignments or court sessions to a CSP database server. The file is scripted for long-term storage on a network that works seamlessly with the system.


VizVox is the only video visitation system that can simultaneously monitor any number of visitation sessions in a digital format.

Digital Storage

The VizVox platform can be designed to accommodate the most rigid digital archiving requirements. It can be delivered with a state-of-the-art Hewlett-Packard storage area network, so visitation sessions and arraignments can be archived and recovered indefinitely.